thrashsteelTHRASHSTEEL is a thrash metal band from Mexico City formed in 2009 when Luis de Rubín and Je Espinosa wanted to release the music they composed in the early 90’s. The band’s live performances full of energy and power placed them as one of the most representative bands of Mexico. The current line-up features founder Luis de Rubín (vocals, guitar), Lars Frantic (drums), who joined in 2012, Nigel Criss (guitar) and Ron Wheel (bass), who joined the band in 2014. Previous members of the band are drummer Noe Espinosa and bassist Je Espinosa who participated on the recording of THRASHSTEEL’s debut album: THOUGHTCRIME  (2011), based on the novel: “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell. The album lyrics are about: Religion, Ignorance and Politics. THRASHSTEEL has released one studio album THOUGHTCRIME, 2 music videos (THOUGHTCRIME and PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE), and one demo with 5 songs showing the work that will be included in their second production: “Kill The System”.