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Opening for Destruction

On June 10, 2016, the Mexican Thrash Metal band THRASHSTEEL was presented as the opening act of the Germans Destruction at the Indie Rocks Forum in Mexico City.

The presentation was videotaped in its entirety by the company A. MNT Photography and edited by Luis de Rubin (vocalist).

The audio was captured directly from the console by Ing. Gerardo Alvarez (Yeti Records) and mixed by Luis Rubin.


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Thrashsteel’s Bullying Beatdown live performance

Thrashsteel performs live: Bullying Beatdown from their second album: Kill The System at the Indie Rocks Forum in Mexico City, opening for the German Big Four thrash legends: Destruction.


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Zombie Nation: Drum Cover

We feel so honored that a Mexican musician takes the time to make a drum cover for one of our songs!

Check the Thrashsteel’s Zombie Nation drum cover by Maurydrums!

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Thrashsteel opens for Destruction

We will have the honor to be the support band for the German thrash metal band Destruction, the concert will be on Friday June 10th. at the Indie Rocks Forum, located in Zacatecas Street #39 in Mexico City .

Tickets are priced at $450 pesos presale and can be purchased here.

The first 30 tickets purchased through our Facebook page will receive a Thrashsteel’s CD as a gift .

thrashsteel destruction


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Kill The System (Official Music Video)

Let’s go to
Kill The System
There’s no option
That’s the choice you’ve left us
That’s the way for us to change now
our destiny

Still waiting the big change
For long time we’ve waited
Making decisions you’ve failed
But now it’s over

Now my patience is over
Tolerance is no longer an option
We’re living in a deep sleep
Our minds have changed now

Let’s go to
Kill The System
There’s ...

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