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Kill The System press release

Mexico City September 14, 2015

For Immediate Release

Thrashsteel presents the video “Kill The System”, where the president is murdered.

flyer_mail_ktsMexico City September 14, 2015. The Mexican thrash metal band THRASHSTEEL presents a video in which an ordinary citizen, tired and tormented by the current impunity and corruption affecting his country, decides to hunt down and murder the president.

This video has...

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Hell And Heaven Metal Fest 2014

thrashsteel_hell_and_heaven_2014Thrashsteel shows that their fan base is the most loyal in the Hell And Heaven Metal Fest 2014
By: Erick Lombardo Smith (@ErickLSmith)

Read the original story (spanish) here.

One of the great taboos of our country (Mexico) in the *Metal Scene* is that many of the followers of this genre are not interested in local bands regardless of which state they come, neither the musical quality do they pres...

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Headbangers Latinoamérica: Interview

headbangers_latinoamerica_thrashsteelNow is time to see the interview with one of the Mexican bands that are getting the attention in the thrash metal Mexican scene, not only for its musical quality but because they are taking care of all the details needed to do it well in the metal scene, and that speaks well of professionalism they have, I hope they serve as an example for other bands, let’s go to enjoy the musical proposal of ...

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Planned Obsolescence Official Video

Planned Obsolescence

Since the day you were born

they have laughed at you

mass production more and more

the wheel of slavery

Manipulating consumers

Products designed to fail

Buy on a whim not for a need

Planned Obsolescence is here

Planned Obsolescence

Built to fail

Advertising and consumerism

They say it’s time to change

They sell you products, now obsolete

designed to be thrown away


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The Metal Review talks about Thrashsteel’s Thougtcrime


Thrashsteel is a Mexican thrash metal band formed in 2010, and have released their first full-length album”Thoughtcrime” this year. The first interests when I hear a new album for a virgin thrash metal band is the old school theme;  and Thrashsteel has Metallica’s 90′s theme in this album. I think its a good start for them, especially these days...

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