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Thoughtcrime rewiew on

From Mexico, this is a thrash band whom have based some of their lyrics and expression on George Orwell’s classic novel ‘1984’, and coincidently, this is a novel I have just completed after finally getting round to reading a copy! But to the music, apart from the lyrical content, the sound is in general quite good, and sounds like thrash did in the mid 90’s when it was beginning to die off, thin i...

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Thoughtcrime CD available

Thoughtcrime, Thrashsteel’s debut album is full of crunching guitar riffs, tempo changes, screaming vocal lines, bass melodies and pounding drumbeats.
With lyrics about: media manipulation, sociopolitical, and religious issues, as well of child abuse, plus three tracks based on the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.
With this production, Thrashsteel wants to define the new st...

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Stained with blood (lyrics)

"Stained With Blood" addresses the issue of child abuse, a symptom of a sick and decadent society. "Stained With Blood" aborda el tema del abuso infantil, síntoma de una sociedad enferma y decadente.Read More


Now you can pre-listen and if yo like it buy THOUGHTCRIME on CD Baby!



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Stained With Blood

Thrashsteel performing “Stained With Blood” in Blue Factor (Mexico City) on Aug 28th 2011.

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