Headbangers Latinoamérica: Interview

headbangers_latinoamerica_thrashsteelNow is time to see the interview with one of the Mexican bands that are getting the attention in the thrash metal Mexican scene, not only for its musical quality but because they are taking care of all the details needed to do it well in the metal scene, and that speaks well of professionalism they have, I hope they serve as an example for other bands, let’s go to enjoy the musical proposal of this excellent band.HL: First of all, even if you are a new band you are now into the taste of Thrash Metal lovers. How do you have felt with the development of this successful career?

Luis de Rubin: We are very grateful to our fans and very proud that our work is getting their rewards, fortunately both the public and the media, have responded and supported the band in an extraordinary way. Behind Thrashsteel there is so much hard work and discipline. A successful career has no shortcuts.

Carlos Franco: For me it has been very exciting and satisfying, I previously played in other bands, but none of them had achieved the success that Thrashsteel has now, it’s an indescriptible feeling to give a concert and see so many people with our shirts and singing our songs, it is something unique!

Eduardo Rueda: It’s a consequence of hard work, stop attending meetings, often leaving family, friends, girlfriends, etc., everything we do is with a lot of passion and the result is reflected in the live shows and with the extraordinary public response that every day grows enormously.

HL: How did Thrashsteel begun?

Luis de Rubin: We started in 2009, Je Espinosa (the first bass player) and I, return to the project that began in 1993 when we were on high school, at the time, five songs were written, were updated and included in “Thoughtcrime (2012)” plus “Deus ex Machina” that I wrote in 2010 and since then has been one of the band’s hits.

HL: What are the major musical influences of the band?

Luis de Rubin: Kreator, Slayer, Testament, Sepultura, Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Exodus.

Carlos Franco: Each of us have different musical influences, personally, my biggest influence since childhood is Metallica, followed by Megadeth, Pantera and Judas Priest.

HL: How did you get the first gigs, any fun facts?

Luis de Rubin: The first Thrashsteel show was on June 18, 2011, since that time we had very clear how the presentations of the band should be: Energy and interaction with the audience at 100%.

Carlos Franco: I debuted in November 2012 in the semifinal contest: “MotoRockstar 2012”, the funny thing was that I didn’t have time to rehearse with the band more than once before the concert, and it was a total success!

Thoughtcrime_thrashsteel_coverHL: That success in your presentations immediately paid off, because in 2012 edited “Throughtcrime” How was the process of recording this album?

Luis de Rubin: “Thoughtcrime” is a completely independent production, was produced entirely at my home studio, that way is how I could maintain complete creative control with enough time to conceive the work from start to finish.

HL: What does “Throughtcrime” your debut album, means to you?

Luis de Rubin: “Thoughtcrime” means to me “learning” is a way to prove that anything is possible if you want to. It’s an album that I really enjoy, it’s full of elements reminiscent of the old school metal bands that I love, it’s a fresh and cool album, It really makes me bang my head.

Carlos Franco: I didn’t recorded the drums but I have been part of the promotion and interpretation of it, it means a great pride as a musician. I met Thrashsteel precisely with the video of “Thoughtcrime” and since I heard the full album, I became a fan, later, a member and this is awesome!

HL: Continuing with “Troughtcrime” What  inspire you to compose the songs from this album?

Luis de Rubin: Currently in Mexico we live in a situation of impunity by the government, (this is not new). When I read George Orwell’s 1984 I thought it was a correct way to link the novel with the current situation we have in our country.

HL: And for the art: Who was responsible for designing the cover and what does it express?

Luis de Rubin: I am the concept and art designer as well, “Thoughtcrime” is based on the dystopian novel by George Orwell: “1984” (which is one of my favorite novels) in the booklet of the CD each piece has a different cover, (total 6 different), the cover is a collage of the following elements: a human eye and a camera, symbolizing the eye of the government constantly watching society (Big Brother is watching you!).

THRASHSTEEL-Kill-The-System-CoverHL: Currently you are promoting an EP titled “Kill The System” What can you say about this?

Luis de Rubin: Currently you can download 5 songs from the page www.thrashsteel.com as soon as a new song is created, is added to the list of downloads and when all the material for the album is complete, it will be available on sale.

Carlos Franco:  We are currently promoting Kill The System as an EP, but in reality this will be the title of our next album, which in comparison to Thoughtcrime, is much more powerful, fast and aggressive, you will love this one too!

HL: What are the next plans for Thrashsteel?

Eduardo Rueda: Filming the video Kill The System, finish the recording of the new album and look for international projection for the band.

HL: Now changing the subject a little. How do you feel to participate of Hell & Heaven Metal Fest 2014?

Luis de Rubin: It’s a great honor for us to have been able to play in one of the biggest and most important metal festivals in Latin America, the first goal was “Thoughtcrime”, this is the second, and the third is the release of our second album: “Kill The System”. We are very grateful to all the people who believed and supported us to participate in this important event.

The way in which we enter Hell & Heaven Metal Fest was very interesting, because, at the beginning of the year, we participated in one of the Pre-partys to promote the event, I knew it was a great opportunity for festival organizers to see Thrashsteel perform live, so I spoke with the members of the band and explained that such an opportunity is given once in a million, so we prepare mentally and we imagine us playing at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest, that night we went onstage with the objective to win the chance to play at the festival, and we achieve it.

For reasons of time, they didn’t let us finish our set of 1 hour and 15 minutes, only played 35 minutes, so  people went furious, then the organizer of the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest climbed up to the stage to promote the event, people kept chanting “Thrashsteel … Thrashsteel …” and he said: “we have just seen a great band play tonight and they have won the right to participate in the next edition of the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest” and the rest is history. On Next Saturday we played one of the most important to date in the career of the band concerts. We are infinitely grateful to all the people who support and and help us.

Carlos Franco: It is a very big emotion, because music is something I have fought for years, and now that I see that dream becoming a reality with this first great achievement drives me to continue giving everything in every concert.

Eduardo Rueda: A dream come true, a big emotion, eager to devastate the stage, we are privileged to share the stage with legendary bands from all over the world, will be a big party.

HL: What can you tell us about being in the same line up with large global exponents of Thrash Metal such as Overkill, Annihilator and Havok?

Luis de Rubin: It’s an incredible satisfaction: 1. You create a band, 2. You blink  and 3.suddenly you’re sharing the stage with such great bands that you admire !. There are no words to express it, \m/.

Eduardo Rueda: An honor and a great pleasure that Thrashsteel share stage with bands of this size.

Carlos Franco: It is a great honor to have the opportunity to be part of that great line up, especially Overkill, which has been one of my favorite bands for years, Annihilator and Havok, also excellent bands, and certainly Kiss, which are a great legend!

HL: What can the public expect from you to attending next October 25 to Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez?

Luis de Rubin: The fastest Thrashsteel songs in a total deployment of energy.We will play as if there were no tomorrow. Thrash or die!

Carlos Franco: We will give an excellent concert, will be something totally professional and energetic, you will not regret!

Eduardo Rueda: You’ll enjoy the best metal festival of this year in Mexico, there will have many options for metal subgenera’s and will be delighted with the presentation of Thrashsteel.

HL: How will Thrashsteel close this 2014 ?

Luis de Rubin: New video and new songs to close the year Hellfuckingyeah!

HL: Any message you want to give to all your fans?

Luis de Rubin: See you next Saturday October 25 at Hell & Heaven Metal Fest!

Eduardo Rueda: New Blood Stage, 8:00 pm, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Carlos Franco: Thank you to all who have given us their support, that attend to every concert, tune in every interview and enjoy every moment of Thrashsteel much as we do, I send a big hug to all of you and hope see you soon at one of our concerts to exploit all the energy of our THRASHSTEEL ARMY!

Interview by Omar Orihuela.

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