The Metal Review talks about Thrashsteel’s Thougtcrime


Thrashsteel is a Mexican thrash metal band formed in 2010, and have released their first full-length album”Thoughtcrime” this year. The first interests when I hear a new album for a virgin thrash metal band is the old school theme;  and Thrashsteel has Metallica’s 90′s theme in this album. I think its a good start for them, especially these days. Opening the album with “Two Minutes Hate”, this track embodies the thrash taste for Thrashsteel, the background of the bass line – and the bass line is one of the most important lines in thrash metal – adds great depth to the song. The angry vocals filling this album  can hold your attention throughout the title track ”Thoughtcrime”. This song could have your attention from the beginning with a bass line to keep you in the atmosphere of this album, followed with riffs that Metallica inspired, slow riffs, but are also still good riffs. For a second, I thought this album did not have fast tracks on its list until I heard “ The false Witness” & ” Stained with Blood”; those tracks were just like a fireman rescuing the album from death. I feel the production is good for this band’s debut album.The lyrics are filled with the old school theme. But I would like see this band include faster riffs in their tunes and more aggressive solos. Album rate:  6/10 production rate: 8/10 Track list:

  1. Two Minutes Hate
  2. The False Witness
  3. Thoughtcrime
  4. Deus Ex Machina
  5. Big Brother
  6. Stained with Blood

Band’s name: THRASHSTEEL
Album: Thoughtcrime
Genre: Thrash metal
Label: Unsigned  
Email Address/ Press Contact:
Band’s Members:  Luis de Rubín (Vocals/guitars) Je Espinosa ( Bass) Noé Espinosa (Drums) Hometown: Mexico City