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Now that the thrash metal genre have returned to the forefront of popularity, bands around the world can make records showing his love for the genre that never really died, we got in our hands “Thoughtcrime” Thrashsteel’s debut album, a Mexican band that performs to perfection a thrash metal strongly influenced by old school 80’s, especially as done by Overkill, at least that’s what it sounds to me.

In short, in Thoughtcrime, Thrashsteel is not discovering the black wire, they are not proposing anything new. What we think is their strength is their ejecucional level, the quality of production and those longing efforts to transcend in a genre in which there may already be too exponents. However, for them and some other bands, such as Strike Master, Nuclear and Warbringer-apply the maxim: “no matter how saturated is a scene, there’s always room for someone who does things right”.

“Deus Ex Machina”
brights, which comply with the standards of the genre, but has enough changes of rhythm and melody to make it interesting for its more than 6 minutes of lenght. Also, his guitar solo is very memorable: moving from melodic to crushing and back. Very good track!

“Big Brother” is seen by some approaches to thrash of Metallica, especially those more acoustic interludes as normal in classic albums like Master of Puppets and … And Justice for All. The fact is that members of Thrashsteel are all very good musicians, creative and able to turn it over to a genre that has almost all defined rules. Perhaps its greatest opportunity is in the instrumental parts where they have the luxury of scratching in the progressive, thanks to the variety they show in tempo changes and textures, for example in “Stained With Blood”. A great song!

The song that they are promoting is “The False Witness”, however we must clarify that the six songs that make Thoughtcrime are equally strong. If the stars align for Thrashsteel and they demonstrate passion, consistency and commitment, good things will surely come for them.

Thrashsteel are: Luis Rubin on guitar and vocals, Jesus Espinosa on bass and Noe Espinosa on drums.

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