Opening for Destruction

On June 10, 2016, the Mexican Thrash Metal band THRASHSTEEL was presented as the opening act of the Germans Destruction at the Indie Rocks Forum in Mexico City.

The presentation was videotaped in its entirety by the company A. MNT Photography and edited by Luis de Rubin (vocalist).

The audio was captured directly from the console by Ing. Gerardo Alvarez (Yeti Records) and mixed by Luis Rubin.

The 6 video production will be published on the website (one video every two weeks).





About Reina el Metal

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Thrash metal band founded in 2009 in Mexico City, his first album “Thoughtcrime” was included in the “Top 35 Latino/Hispanic albums of 2013” by the Chilean magazine Headbangers Latin America.

They have quickly become one of the most representative thrash metal bands in Mexico’s metal scene.

In 2014 they participate in Hell & Heaven Metal Fest, which is considered the largest metal festival of Latin America.  Also been supporters for Toxik, Angelus Apatrida and Destruction.

To date have released three official videos: “Thoughtcrime“, “Planned Obsolescence” and “Kill The System“.

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