Hell And Heaven Metal Fest 2014

thrashsteel_hell_and_heaven_2014Thrashsteel shows that their fan base is the most loyal in the Hell And Heaven Metal Fest 2014
By: Erick Lombardo Smith (@ErickLSmith)

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One of the great taboos of our country (Mexico) in the *Metal Scene* is that many of the followers of this genre are not interested in local bands regardless of which state they come, neither the musical quality do they present. For the same reason the scene has waned a bit since many years ago, about a little over 20 years the metal scene of our country had a strong base of national metal bands like * Transmetal, Leprosy, Next, Lucifer, * only to name a few, which in each weekend show had the support of compatriots who filled the rooms where these bands were present. Today it is very difficult to see that a band is followed by fans to the various forums where they play, there are very few new bands of the new generation that achieve this support, * Thrashsteel * is one of these bands that despite being a relatively new band has an incredible support from his fans and which was demonstrated last * October 25 in the “new Blood Stage” of “Hell And Heaven Metal Fest“. The challenge was not easy, *Rob Zombie and Samael* offered presentations in their respective stages but at the same time, a large crowd of metalheads congregated in the “New Blood Stage” before the clock struck 20:00. The appearance on the scene of the trio, triggered a series of shouts and catcalls on approval to the band which would use most of their time to offer themes such as “Kill The System”, “Deus Ex Machina” and “Planned Obsolescence” only to name a few. The presentation of about 20 minutes was accompanied by a relentless headbanging crowd close to the stage, as well as some metalloids singing along with the band the whole song or the chorus of them. T-shirts with the THRASHSTEEL logo in the front were carried by more than one in the audience, revealing the true support for the band. As in each presentation the band offered a presentation full of energy which made the curious who were passing this stage to stay to listen to this, which is one of the best proposals carried out in the *Thrash Metal* genere of our country. The end of his presentation would be special because parting will give away the public to show their support, they wore wristbands and picks used during the presentation. But fans were willing to express their support and appreciation to the band while minutes later we saw several of them by going for a souvenir photo, and new fans seeking the signing of the 3 members of the band who had offered one of the best presentations seen in this stage that nigh.

Thrashsteel’s setlist in Hell And Heaven Metal Fest 2014:

  1. Kill The System
  2. Rat Race Wheel
  3. Deus Ex Machina
  4. Planned Obsolescence