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thrashsteel_zombie_ritual_fanzineTHRASHSTEEL “Thoughtcrime”

Self Released

I definitely didn’t know about this band from México D.F. until they contacted me through the Facebook page. They are another example of the statement that is not necessary the vest full of patches and photos like idiots, to play in a decent thrash metal band. They play an unusually technical yet distinct thrash metal and its one of the most professional underground recordings I’ve heard from this genre lately. Maybe this shinny and clear result is a sin for such an extreme metal gang, but I don’t really care since they know what the hell they are playing and they do it very good. Composition is clear and they dare to get into instrumental sections, so they remind me bands like ASPID (Russia), ATROPHY, and a little bit of this Swiss jewel called “Punishment of Decadence” (Yeah!!). Indeed all tracks have these instrumental sections and give good balance between guitar and bass sound, and that’s something I really like because I also handle a bass in a band and I know is a pain in the testicles to say guitarists turn down the knob volume. My favorite one is “The False Witness” track, which combines aggressiveness and complex riffs throughout the song, blended with some crossover and intense drums. Live they must kick some asses and pussies. Well, there is always something to balance the cosmos, and here is something I didn’t like: is the hard core/ Hetfield voice he sometimes does. As if we didn’t had enough from that motherfucker (hehehe!) and his influence is noticeable like in intro solo of “Thoughtcrime”. Well, maybe my hairy ears have detected this shit, and maybe I’m wrong ok? Anyway, it’s a quite excellent first full length for these dudes, they play fast, aggressive, intelligent and denunciation topics, they are handsome… what do you ask more? (hehehe!)  Ok, or maybe they should drink a couple of beers on the streets of Iztapalapa at midnight, kiss a rat, and sleep under a bridge. That’s the best way to know what about thrash metal? I don’t think so.

By Víctor Varas

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